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By training, James is an experienced architect with a Bachelors degree in architecture from The University of Queensland. After 10 years working as an architect, including high-profile roles such as Director of Architecture for the Raptis Group, James decided to start a bold new venture.


In 1988 James launched his own architecture firm specialising in luxury residential developments. Over time 3D visualisation became an increasingly important part of the architectural design service but the tools were underutilised and no one was providing high-quality photo-realistic work.


As a result, in 2003 James decided to dedicate himself completely to the production of 3D marketing material and started Zaxis. With a bold vision to fully realise the potential of 3D technologies in the property industry and beyond, he hasn't looked back.


For fun, James enjoys all things cycling and you will find him regularly competing in cycling events across Australia.


Founded in 2003, Zaxis was born out of a desire to bring ideas to life using state of the art 3D technology. This started with creating beautiful photo-realistic 3D still images and 3D animations for the property industry and is still evolving into much more.


Over more than 17 years we have accumulated the skills and knowledge to provide advanced 3D solutions for any imaginative or conceptual project where realistic visualisation can provide value. We are excited about the future and are continually working to push the boundaries of 3D technology.


Zaxis has an amazing team of the best local and international 3D artists. Each Zaxis artist brings their own creative imagination and technical skills.


Aside from their technical proficiency in 3D, they all have an amazing eye for detail which enables them to emulate reality through every ray of light, surface texture and finish. All our artists ooze the Zaxis desire to always deliver the best possible result for every client.

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