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We      working with the top architects


The majority of our staff established their desire to produce beautiful 3D renders from their experience as architects, working in architectural firms, or just being admirers of beautiful architecture. A large amount of Zaxis's business is in developing inspiring and emotive 3D renders for the top architectural businesses in Brisbane and we are expanding this service across Australia.

With our teams collective past experience, we understand the architectural workflow, the client-architect symbiosis and the pressures that it places on the design process. Stemming from that we have produced a suite of tailored services, accompanying fee structures, and engagement models to seamlessly integrate into your design process.



// Photorealistic stills that materialise your vision //

We create beautiful 3D interior and exterior images with attention to every detail, material finish and flare.

// Photomontages with accuracy assured for DA submissions or stakeholder approval //

We place your concept in its native environment through the marriage of exquisite photography and high-quality 3D visualisation to emulate your masterpiece in its true final form.


// Animations that give a more in-depth picture of a project //

Through elegant animations we can showcase the ambience of your creations and convert imagery into feelings and emotions.


// Movies that can explain and sell your design concept //

With cinematography, we blend animations with enlivening videography to distill and communicate the complete essence and emotive feel of your concept and marketing campaign.

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